Affordable Workforce Rental Housing Eligibility Criteria


If you are interested in applying for LCAHS affordable workforce rental housing, the following Eligibility Criteria apply to you.

Please note that smoking and vaping are prohibited in all LCAHS rental properties.

All applicants are required to meet a number of criteria (see a through f, listed below) to be eligible for affordable workforce rental housing:

a) The applicants and occupants, unless they are a spouse or a dependent adult or dependent child of an eligible member of the workforce on the application, must meet the definition of member of the workforce for the duration of their tenancy (definition below).

When there are 2 applicants in a spousal relationship, only one applicant must fall under the LCAHS definition of Rossland member of the workforce for the duration of their tenancy.

A member of the workforce is, for the purpose of workforce housing, to mean a person who:

i) is either employed or self-employed by a Qualified Rossland Business or Businesses at a workplace located in the City of Rossland, for an annual average of at least 30* hours per week; or

ii) has retired from a Qualified Rossland Business where they worked an annual average of at least 30 hours per week in 3 of the past 5 years; or

iii) is a Lower Columbia resident who is employed by a Lower Columbia Region Business or Businesses for an annual average of at least 30 hours per week.

Note: Priority will be given to applicants in category i) above.

b) The applicants and occupants must meet the residency requirements:

Applicants must permanently reside in British Columbia when applying.

c) The applicants and occupants must occupy the unit as their permanent primary residence.

The workforce rental unit will be the place you and all occupants will ordinarily and continually occupy as your primary residence on a full-time basis.

The Tenant will not sub-let or assign the rental unit without the Landlord’s consent.

d) The applicant(s) and all occupants must collectively have income and assets that fall below limits set out by LCAHS.

One (1) Bedroom Unit$84,780$200,000
Two (2) Bedroom Unit$134,140$200,000
Three (3) Bedroom Unit$134,140$200,000

There are no one and three bedroom units available at this time. To be placed on the waitlist for a one or three bedroom unit please email

e) No corporate or business applications are allowed.

f) You must keep your application up to date.

Every year applicants who are on the waitlist are required to submit a declaration and supporting documentation confirming and updating all details of their application, including employers, hours worked, occupants, household income and household assets.

* LCAHS requirements for hours of employment and income limits are intended to help identify Rossland workers who are in need of affordable rental housing. If you are unsure that you meet the requirements or would like to request additional consideration, please contact Tanya Dale, Affordable Housing Administrator, LCAHS at 250 231-1423 to discuss your situation.