Affordable Workforce Rental Housing Glossary

Applicant: A person who is applying for a program, service or benefit.

Assets: A financial investment that you can convert into cash if you have to.

Below-market rental housing: Below-market rental housing is housing with rents equal to, or lower than, average rates in private-market rental housing.

BC Housing Occupancy Standards: The guideline used to determine what size housing unit a single person, couple or family qualifies for is:

  • No more than two (2) and no less than one (1) person per bedroom.
  • Spouses and couples share a bedroom.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): CRA is a branch of the Canadian government that processes income, benefits and programs related to tax.

Couple: Two people in a married, common-law or marriage-like relationship.

Dependent child: An unmarried child, stepchild, adopted child or legal ward, mainly supported by the applicant, who is:

  • Under 19 years of age; or
  • Under 25 years of age and registered in full-time school, university or vocational institute which provides a recognized diploma, certificate, or degree; or
  • Of any age who, because of mental or physical infirmity, is accepted as a dependent for income tax purposes.

Disability: A severe and prolonged impairment in physical or mental functions.

Housing Income Limits: Dollar amounts that represent the maximum annual income, before taxes, that a household can earn for suitable (or affordable) housing in their location.

Lower Columbia Region Business: a business located in the municipalities of Fruitvale, Montrose, Rossland, Trail or Warfield or Electoral Areas A and B of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary which:

  • Has a valid business licence, or be legislatively exempt (e.g. schools); and
  • Has an office or premises that are physically located in; and
  • The business must be a permitted use under the bylaws of their local community as stated above.

Member of the Workforce: An individual who is employed or self-employed for a minimum annualized average of at least 30 hours per week based on a 50 week work year, by one or multiple Qualified Rossland employer(s) Note that employment includes being on maternity leave or sick/disability leave.

Non-profit housing: A housing development that a community-based, non-profit housing partner owns and operates.

Recent Retiree: An individual who has retired from a Qualified Rossland Business where they worked an annual average of at least 30 hours per week in 3 of the past 5 years

Residency requirements: You and your family must permanently live in Canada with proof of citizenship, permanent residency or government-sponsored refugee status.

Senior: An adult aged 55 years or older. BC Housing programs, partners and housing providers may define a senior by a different age.

Spouse: A husband or wife through marriage, a common-law partner or the person with whom the applicant is living with in a marriage-like relationship.

Qualified Rossland Business or self-employment:

  • Has a valid Rossland business licence, or be legislatively exempt (e.g. schools); and
  • Has an office or premises that are physically located in Rossland; and
  • The business must be a permitted use under City of Rossland bylaws; and
  • The business must have their operations directly related to the provision of goods and services within the City of Rossland.