Affordable Workforce Rental Housing Required Documents

All the people described below form the household of your rental application and are required to provide confirmation of their eligibility.

  • The applicant or co-applicants;
  • All dependants (usually children under the age of 19)*;
  • Any other occupant that will be living in the rental unit;
  • Any spouse or common-law partner (regardless of whether or not they will be living in the unit).

1. Proof of status in Canada for all household members

  • Copy of Canadian birth certificate(s) or Canadian passport(s) if born in Canada.
  • If not born in Canada, please provide one of the following:
    • Record of Landing (IMM1000) or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM5292/IMM5688); or
    • Permanent Resident Card (front/back); or
    • Any immigration document showing the date landed and the immigration code; or
    • Canadian Citizenship Card, Canadian Citizenship Certificate, or Canadian Passport; or
    • Refugee Protection Claimant Document (RPCD) or Notice of Decision.

2. Proof of employment by or from a retirement from a Qualified Employer, the following documents will need to be provided to confirm workforce eligibility:

Completed Proof of Employment Form(s) from one or more Qualified Employer that includes:

  • Average number of hours worked per week, and
  • Copies of two recent consecutive paystubs.

If you are retired, you must submit a completed Proof of Retirement from a Qualified Rossland Business Form that includes:

  • Average number of hours worked per week, and
  • Copies of two most recent T4.

3. Proof of current address, please provide one of the following:

  • Tenant agreement; or
  • Utility bill; or
  • Other official government document.

4. Proof of student status for all adult children aged 19 – 24 who are full-time students.

5. Proof of income and assets

Applicants will be required to provide documentation confirming the income and assets for all household members. This includes all occupants and spouses, regardless of their intention to live in the rental unit.

The following documents will be required to be provided to confirm Income and Net Assets:

Income Documentation

Most recent two years of T1 General Tax Form – Full T1 form including any extra supplements and additional forms. This is the form that is required to be completed by all taxpayers to file personal income tax returns in Canada each year. You may obtain this from your accountant or the program you choose to complete your taxes with. (for example Turbo Tax or NETFILE) and

Most recent two years of Notice of Assessment (NOA) – This is a confirmation statement sent by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to taxpayers detailing the amount of income tax owed or credited. This notice is the confirmation receipt that your taxes have been filed and received. You can find a copy of this in your My CRA Account on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

Net Asset Documentation

Current Account Statements for the following:

  • All Chequing Account(s)
  • All Savings Account(s)
  • All Tax-Free Savings Account(s) (TFSA),
  • All non-registered Investment Accounts: (not including RRSPs, RESPs, RDSPs, RRIFs)
  • Non-registered Term Deposits Account(s)
  • Non-registered Stock Account(s)
  • Non-registered Bond Account(s)
  • Non-registered Mutual Fund Account(s)

Documentation confirming any real estate owned.

Documentation confirming business equity in a private incorporated company, including GICs, cash, stocks, bonds or real estate equity .

6. A Declaration of Income and Assets (DIA) must be signed by all applicant(s) and all intended occupants over 19 years of age. Declaration Income Assets Form

7. Rossland Yards Affordable Workforce Rental Housing Application Declaration

This application must be signed by all household members aged 19 and older. Rossland Yards Application Declaration Form

* Dependent child: An unmarried child, stepchild, adopted child or legal ward, mainly supported by the applicant, who is:

  • Under 19 years of age; or
  • Under 25 years of age and registered in full-time school, university or vocational institute which provides a recognized diploma, certificate, or degree; or
  • Of any age who, because of mental or physical infirmity, is accepted as a dependent for income tax purposes.